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Find Celebrity Agents, Celebrity Booking Agents & Celebrities For Hire   by Gareth Hoyle

in Entertainment    (submitted 2010-08-16)

Make it Special

Hiring a celebrity is not as expensive or difficult as you may think, and can be the difference between a good party and a memorable one. Imagine the excitement if you were to introduce a special guest to your friends and family, or if you were to send out invitations to an event and you named the celebrity guest, the number of attendees would be through the roof!

A celebrity guest is much more than just a face, it's a statement.

Celebrity Booking Agents

Not sure of how to hire a celebrity? Whether it's a sportsman or woman, a TV star, a music star or something completely different, you need to get in touch with a celebrity agent. Booking agents are exclusive or direct agents to a roster of celebrities that you can enquire as to the availability using their website. The great thing about using an agent is that they have direct contact with the individual or group, and can arrange everything for you.

Search Online For A Special Guest

When you decide that a special guest is for you, the next step is to know how and where to find them. The number one place to find a booking agent is by turning on your PC or laptop and using the Internet to search for 'celebrity booking agents', 'celebrities for hire' or 'celebrity agents' - this will bring up a number of results and you can then search through the rosters to find the people you want to hire.

Find Real Agents On The Web

Beware of fake websites! There are only a select few agents that have real celebrities signed up, so make sure you're dealing with a legitimate company with a real office, staff and a telephone number to contact should you need any more information.