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Finding Letting agents in Glasgow - Real Estate - Leasing

Finding Letting agents in Glasgow   by R Eller

in Real Estate / Leasing    (submitted 2010-11-18)

Finding letting agents in Glasgow

When I moved to Glasgow three years ago, everything was organised remotely and it was just a sheer stroke of luck that the letting agent in Glasgow who was dealing with me were professional and well organised. Since moving several times during my time in Glasgow so far, I haven't always been as lucky and have learnt the hard way. Here are some tips I have picked up along the way

1.Do your research

Even though most people's idea of renting is only ever a short term plan, stop and think for a second. Look in to the local area and think whether you see yourself living there. Does the neighbourhood seem peaceful, or does it set off alarm bells straight away? Also, if you have a family, are there suitable schools within a reasonable distance? Having a good look around on foot is the first step before committing to handing any money over and signing a lease.

2.Take your time viewing properties

My latest rental was a last minute, very much rushed decision. Storage space was a big factor for my new home and with leaving myself little time to consult a Glasgow letting agency to find what I was looking for, I was left to rent privately; and in this game, beggars can't be choosers. So my advice, spend time looking as many properties as you have time for and make sure you are getting what you are paying for.

3.Don't be scared to ask letting agents about their fees

It's a known fact that all letting agencies Glasgow has to offer all charge for use of their services, and rightly so. However, this should not mean getting ripped off with hidden extra admin charges and unreasonable holding fees.

On average, the cost to run a credit check should only cost you £35-£45 per applicant. Much more than this is deemed unreasonable and should be queried. A holding charge might also be applicable of up to £200 depending on when you apply for a lease, but this will always be taken off your deposit.

In a nutshell, any agency which a starts laying on these extra charges thick from the start are more likely to try and fleece you out of more money when you leave.

4.Conduct a full inventory

It has to be remembered that your new rental home and its possessions are owned by someone else. As thorough as Glasgow letting agents can be with their client's inventories, there will always be something that has been missed. Account for every pot and pan and if there is anything on the list that is not actually present, immediately notify the agent involved. Failure to do this can sting you in the future.

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