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Talent Agent How to Find Talent Agents

How to find a talent agent

The easiest way is to use search engines. Type in your music genre and location and a couple thousand results will appear. After you have found a prospective agent check his or her background for experience. See what bands or artists they have worked with. How much experience they have in the music industry in your genre and how much success they have had. More than likely they will have all this information in their profile page. Another place to find a reputable agent is at the venues that you play at. Talking to other bands that have worked with agents will be beneficial as well.

Not as seen on TV

I will begin with what a talent agent is not. They are a savior or anything like that. The way that you see agents portrayed on movies and TV in not 100% accurate. Most do not wear suits and have loads of money and live in pent houses. They are business savvy. It is called the music business for a reason; talent agents are in the business to generate money. Plain and simple the reason a talent agent will be interested in you or your band is because they see the potential dollar signs. As an industry standard agents usually retain 20% of the profit you make. For this reason they choose to work with bands that are going to make them the most money.