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The best places to find estate agent reviews - Business - Service Reviews

The best places to find estate agent reviews   by Daniel Adams

in Business / Service Reviews    (submitted 2010-12-27)

Finding a reliable, trustworthy estate agent is crucial in the buying and selling process, however it can be hard to know how to find the best estate agent reviews. Here are some handy tips on where to find the best information.

Firstly, ask friends, family and colleagues within the local area. Someone you know is bound to have moved house in the past few years, and should give you an honest, open review of the estate agent they used. Alternatively, they may have heard from other friends or family of an excellent estate agent. Questions to ask them should include how well did they communicate with you, how quickly and efficiently did the process run, and did they provide good value for money?

Secondly, it is worthwhile taking a look at local advertisement boards in your area - these are often up in supermarkets, local grocery stores, and at community centres. Local tradespeople write their adverts and pay to have them displayed; generally the organisation displaying them will check out the advertiser and ensure they are fully licensed, with a good service history. These adverts can provide access to those "diamond in the dust" agencies, which are small but efficient, and cannot afford large paper advertisements.

Be sure to read through the local press, including magazines and any community news publications. The advert pages are generally good sources of inspiration, but be sure also to check the news pages - as articles pertaining to any rogue or unreliable estate agents may be included. This can help to remove companies by process of elimination.